Highest Paying Apps To Make Money Fast 2018

Highest Paying Apps To Make Money

Highest paying apps? Apps to make money online have become popular choice for individuals looking to earn money. If you are looking for apps that will make you money free then these highest paying apps are worth installing on your devices. They are apps that pay you real money to do what you already do without pay.

Highest Paying Apps To Make Money:

Panel App
Panel App is among the highest paying mobile application where you get to earn some passive income by just having the app installed. After downloading the application, you are required to do your registration and after that you are assigned to a panel where you’ll start to earn points daily for every day that you have the app installed. It collects your location as it runs as a background app. Different panels pay differently but the least you can get irrespective of your panel is 1000points monthly which converts to $1 via Amazon gift cards. Other ways to make money via Panel App is by taking surveys which are made available based on your location and also by referring your family, friends or relatives, this way you get 10% of whatever your direct referrals earn and 5% of whatever their referrals earn. All rewards are mailed directly to you upon request.

To get Panel App to function on your phone, it must have internet access. Always feel free to uninstall the app anytime you want to opt out. This app is available to people resident in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, or the United States of America from the ages of 14-18 (with parental consent) and above. Panel App also awards points for referring a friend. Visit PanelApp.com to register.

Google Opinion Rewards
This is an application that is owned by google where they pay you money in form credits which could be used in your google play store to purchase google products like applications, games and other stuff. You can earn money from Google Opinion Rewards by taking surveys, criticizing products or answering questions. The payment you receive is not so much to totally depend on for your living but it’s another way to just make passive income as the surveys take just a couple of minutes to complete.

This app is basically meant to run on android smartphone. You can easily download and install it in your mobile devices through Google Play Store.

Surveys on the Go
Surveys on the go gives you an opportunity to earn good money by just taking surveys. It is a very good application and one of the highest paying apps where you earn cash by taking different kinds of surveys on different topics in different areas. The surveys are relatively quick to finish as none will take more than 15 minutes to complete and they become available to you according to your demographic info. Over time, you might get a few exceptions to rule and come across one or two that will take more time but overall, it’s an easy way to make easy moneyas it has a very low withdrawal amount ($10) and you get your proceeds via paypal.

The app is available on both apple and android mobile devices.

Ipsos Mobile (iSay Mobile)
This Ipsos Mobile application also known as iSay Mobile is an application owned by an Ipsos company. Its main objective is to to check out advertising, responses of audience and the opinion of the general public. If you have a flare for politics, then this is the right application for you as it is also a widely known application for conducting surveys during presidential elections and other matters relating to politics. The least withdrawal amount for this app is $10 and all rewards can be withdrawn in form of real cash via paypal or via points to be redeemed in form of gift cards for iTunes or Amazon.

Also, as part of reward for participating actively on the site/ their activities, you will be offered sweepstakes opportunities. They offer loyalty programs where members can receive points for the number of previous surveys they partook in. Membership is acceptable from 18 years of age and above.

iPoll is an app that gives you the opportunity to earn money and other forms of rewards in different ways while also having fun. Basically, you get to earn money when you complete missions which could be completing a certain survey, visiting a particular location or taking pictures. Now, compared to the surveys offered by other applications, the surveys at iPoll takes from 10 to 20 minutes to complete which is relatively longer but then it’s worth it as you earn faster with them. Your points could be redeemed in form of airline miles, gift cards or even magazine subscriptions.

Quick Thoughts
Quick thoughts is a pretty much straight to the point app that takes your opinion in exchange for rewards. In Quick thoughts, the maximum number of surveys allowed per person per day is 5 but the amount of surveys you will receive daily is dependent on the information you gave upon registration as the surveys are directly tailored to your areas of interest. You can also make more points by going to local stores and offering to deliver your opinion on their goods and services. The points you earn can only be redeemed in form of amazon gift cards and its minimum redeemable amount is 10 dollars.

. Inbox Dollars

If you are on the lookout for an application you could use to earn money while doing other stuff besides taking surveys, then this is the app for you because while you earn by participating in taking polls and surveys, you can also earn by browsing the internet, shopping online, playing games and a couple of other interesting stuff. The surveys are pretty much easy and simple to complete without taking much of your time excluding quite a few which could take up to 20 minutes. Another amazing thing about Inbox Dollars is that it pays out cash via paypal while having a minimal redeemable balance of 30 dollars which means you could actually earn ore from this app.

Cash Reward
Cash Reward application is only available to android users. It is an app where you could get paid at different times for completing various activities or tasks like surfing and other stuff. Taking polls and online surveys is only one of the outlets from which you could make money from this Cash Reward application. Other ways are by downloading specific free or paid applications where you get paid more for downloading the paid ones, watching video ads, playing games and registering to some free or paid websites where you get paid more for registering to the paid websites. All earnings could be withdrawn or redeemed immediately you have over 1 dollar accumulated. These earnings could be redeemed as cash via paypal or used to buy Amazon gift cards.

You get rewards from EasyShift when you complete simple tasks. This app has made available various ways to let out your opinion so if you love to take surveys, then this is one of the best apps for you. But then again, this app is beyond just an ordinary survey app. You get rewarded for completing other tasks like taking pictures, checking prices, reviewing promotions and so much more. Hence it is an amazing application for individuals who love some variety with their survey applications. Most of the tasks given depend a lot on visitation to different restaurants, stores and other establishments around you. The payments in EasyShift are made through PayPal.

Survey Mini
Most people don’t have the time or patience required to devote to taking the conventional survey but still want to earn a little extra cash, this is where Survey Mini comes in to play as it just comprises of about 11 questions per survey. The more surveys you complete, the points you accumulate to exchange for gift cards. You could also get other forms of rewards like discounts, free items from stores and many more.

MyPoints Android l iOS
Few months back, I made a total of 100 dollars on two different surveys (50 dollars each) in this application excluding the extra 5 dollars I got after taking the first five surveys. I know it is unbelievable right? But yeah… it happened.

So if you are interested in earning some money and also saving up on cash when shopping online, then this application is for you.

My Earning so far

In total, since I first registered, I have been able to make a total of over 875 dollars cash.

Reason for Signing Up

When you sign up, you get the chance to earn up 50 dollars per survey(remember I mentioned earlier that I have completed two 50 dollar surveys so far) and also earn 5 dollars after you complete your first five surveys. Another interesting thing to note is that for everytime you spend 20 dollars or more, you get a 1o dollar bonus in your account.

Taking surveys in MyPoints is completely free so if you are interested, just download the app and click the ‘Join Now’ button to create your account for free, earn some extra cash and get the most of your money this season.

MySurvey Android l iOS
This is one money making faucet I have been using for a couple of months now. It is so user friendly and a big deal when it comes to making money. As at November 2017, I had already made 480 dollars irrespective of the fact that I spend just a couple of minutes on this site every week.

So if you have been struggling over time to get the right site to make money with, then this is an amazing option as it currently is the wolrd’s No. 1 paid site for surveys. It was launched in 2014 and since then, it has paid over 32 million dollars to its members.

In 2016 alone, MySurvey paid out over 15 million dollars and there isn’t anything trickish about working with them to make you question their legitimacy. Last year, I was even opportune to get a crock pot and a mixer from them and I got it and I still have them till date.

My Earning so far?

In total, since I first registered, I have been able to get over 480 dollars’ worth of both cash and products.

Reason for signing up

Beyond being the world’s No. 1 paid survey site, there are a couple more reasons why you should join MySurvey. First of which is the fact that it is completely free to to join.

They have a referral policy where you get 11.5 dollars for every single person you refer. MySurvey cashes out via paypal, gift cards, merchandise and also donations to charity.

What you should to do?

Go to your mobile app store and download the application, get registered and start taking surveys, reading mails and doing a couple of different tasks to start earning today.

Vindale Research Android l iOS
Vindale Research is one survey panel that offers high payouts up to 75 dollars per survey. Over time, I have completed plenty of 10 dollar, 15 dollar and 75 dollar surveys for each survey.

They are among the apps that also payout cash. In fact it revolves more on a cash-only payout policy so if you are in a quest for survey panels that payout only cash, then this is the site for you.

My Earning so far

From my first survey with them up until now, I have made over 1500 dollars in cash withdrawn via Paypal.

Reason for Signing Up

There is so much to gain from signing up with Vindale Research. First off, you get 2 dollars for free upon sign up and then subsequently you could earn additional cash by taking surveys, reviewing products, cash contests, focus groups, video screenings and so much more. You also get to earn 5 dollars for referring each person.

Another exciting feature is that you get to keep every product you are sent for review.

What you should to do?

To join, you have to sign up for an account and start participating in surveys, watching videos, referring friends and so on to start earning and getting free reward codes.

Neilsen Computer
If like me, you enjoy making passive income while doing absolutely nothing, then this is a great panel for you could earn free free cash by passively helping improve the products you use online. Nielson Computer and Mobile Panel collect data on the background in a protected, secured and encrypted way.

All you need to do is answer a couple of questions and download the app after you have successfully passed the screening. After that, you get rewarded for browsing the net and because you installed tha app, you’ll be automatically entered into its sweepstakes where they give out 10,000 dollars every month.

Once more, you get an opportunity to win a good amount of money while doing nothing.

Instant Rewards
Instant rewards is a very good loyalty program that really pays. You can be offered cash, prizes, gift cards and much more. To get access to more rewards, you could complete tasks like liking a page on Facebook, viewing application trailers and a lot of other fun stuff.

All you need to do is download the app and get registered to start taking surveys, watching videos and or completing unique offers and in return you get to earn credits that can be cashed out via paypal or redeemed in form of Amazon gift cards.

Acorn Hunt
Who ever thought that you could earn money while testing products and giving your reviews? Allow me to introduce you to Acorn Hunt where that is made possible, you even get the chance to partake in the sweepstakes organized by the owners of this app.

All you need to do is download the mobile application and register. Once that is completed, look out fo r tasks that you might be interested in and complete them so you can earn acorns which is fancy way way of saying points. These acorns can be redeemed as cash via paypal. Different tasks pay differently ranging from 0.05 dollars to 10 dollars. The more you complete more tasks, the higher you rank granting you access to higher paying tasks.

Mobee is a really fun application to use. You could earn a free coffee, gift crds and even some money in just a few minutes. It is an application dedicated to supplying its users with plenty if surveys about their favorite restaurants and other retailers.

it is also possible to level up in Mobee and earn yourself some small extra achievements like earning a referral bonus of 3 dollars per person you refer. Revards could be Paypal cash, Gift cards from arget and Best Buy and a lot of other free stuff.

Npoll is a very popular app that pays its members to take polls and participate in surveys. It also has the option of allowing you to create your own poll or survey and its pretty much very straight forward to use.

Npoll Apps

This application doesn’t pay much as most surveys are set at 0.2 dollars with a minimal redeemable amount of 10 dollars. In other words, it means that you need to be able to do at least 50 surveys or polls to be able to cash out. The app doesn’t also have the flexibility to participate in higher paying surveys like other apps but the routine of the available surveys is quite regular and you are at least sure of a new survey every day plus the polls are very quick to complete in a minute or less.

It has over 100,000 users so if you are interested in an app where you can have fun while making money, you could check them out.

com Mobile
This survey panel has a mobile app that is known for providing short and quite regular surveys with good payment levels. It is known to have paid out over 200,000 dollars in rewards from just their application. The surveys don’t take a lot of time ranging from about 3-5 minutes worth from 1-3 dollars each. They also support Paypal cashouts which is a big relief too.

You get to pick from a variety of different topics so that you don’t get bored In the process and it is all about surveys without the need to visit shops, stores or other places.

I have a personal soft spot for this app because you get to earn while doing nothing. Here’s how it works, You get paid monthly for letting them put up ads on your android device on the average of 5-15 dollars monthly. Whenevr you see the ads, youcan either do one of three things; Slide to the left to get more information about it, Slide up to check out another or slide to the right to continue using your phone normally. It is important to note that you don’t earn more or less for interacting with the ads.

So you basically earn for doing nothing. You can get your proceeds as cash or donate it to some charity.

This application is quite different from others because you get paid for achieving the goals you had set when you made a pact to probably eat healthy and exercise better. The application has gps and is used to track your progress on the tasks that you have been given. You could earn an average of 30 cents to 5 dollars each week to achieving your results or losing money if you don’t.

Having old books that you are probably tired of re-reading can be a bother sometimes but with BookSScouter, youget the chance to dispose off those books and ear some cash in the process. This app gets you to scan the books’ bar code to gain access to all the prices offered by top book buying websites for that book. You eventually get to choose the highest bidder and ship off the book/s to get paid.

Registration is absolutely free. All you need is an email address or some social media account.

App trailers is a cool way to make money off of watching the trailers of new applications. The more videos you watch, the more points you get which could be exchanged for gift cards or Paypal cash at the rate of 500 points to 20 cents. You could also earn more with this video by uploading your own videos and getting likes on them.

For all my friends who like to be on social media, this is a really fun way to make money off your hobby by sharing content, taking pictures and others. All you need to do is download the app from your preferred app store and then check thorough the different brands and their offers and then complete a task. The minimal redeemable balance is 10 dollars and you could redeem your cash via Paypal.

Gig walk is basically a virtual connection app connecting local businesses with people of required skill. All you need to do is download the app, complete your registration and apply for the available gigs that you will see from time to time on the list or map. Gigs could pay from 3 llars to as much as 100 dollars via Paypal. So check it out! Someone might just need your skill set.

With this application, you get up to a 40% discount everytime you shop online with any of the 1800 registered retailers on this application. You also get to earn up to 50 dollars for referring two people. Go to your application store to download this app and you just might be getting a check or Paypal cash in the next 3 months.

This one is for all my photo fanatics who love taking pictures. With this app, you earn by selling off your photos of cities, art, food, clothes among others on Depositphotos. You could sell your photos for 50 cents up to some amounts as high as 80 dollars with up to 44% royalties per sale. All you need to do is register an account at Clashot and share a photo with complete description and then complete the verification process to start selling.

So get out those amazing pictures from your storage devices an start making money off of them.

The next time you want to do some shopping online, first download the Ibotta application and then complete some tasks to get cash rewards. Then after shopping, scan your products barcodes and send a photo of your receipt so that your purchases can be verified. Once that is done, Ibotta send you cash back on your purchases. If you use a loyalty card, then don’t forget to scan your card or send in your phone number.

Shopkick is an android application that allows you to earn kicks which is a fancy way of saying points ebvery time you complete a task. Tasks involve walking in the door of most of the popular retailers revealed on the Shopkick application. you get more kicks for scanning items and even more for purchasing items. Most rewards though are 250kicks with the exchange rate of 500kicks equals 2 dollars. Just download the app and set your account and you are good to go.

Tap Cash Rewards
Like most other apps of its kind, Tap Cash Rewards rewards you for watching videos, completing simple tasks and downloading, installing and watching the newest set of free games and applications. Once you have accumulated enough credits you can exchange them for Paypal cash, Amazon gift cards or Google Play gift cards.

Google Opinion Rewards
This one is specifically for android users created by google. So, Google pays you for responding to their questions or surveys over time. The amount per survey is not specific as it varies over time. To register, all you need to do is download the app from your play store and you could get an average of one survey per week for up to 1 dollar in play credits to be used to purchase stuff from your play store.

Money Machine
This is another app where you could earn money for watching videos, completing simple tasks, downloading apps and other simple requests. You even get to earn more for sharing the app with you friends. The points you earn from this app can also be withdrawn via paypal as cash or exchanged for other offers. This app is quite free to access and join.

Snap by Groupon
With Snap by Groupon, you don’t have to clip your grocery coupons anymore. Just download the application on apps tore or Google play store and then browse the weekly offers before you head on to the market to shop. Save up all the stuff you want to buy on your snap shopping list and remember to take a picture of the receipt once you are done with the purchase. You get to request a cash back payment after you have earned up to or more than 20 dollars.

You may end up receiving your check after about two weeks of request. You will also receive a referral link which will earn you about $1 for each friend you refer who completes a task.

Field Agent
With this app, you could earn from 3 dollars to 12 dollars per task once you get them completed. Tasks involve going out to the local discount stores closest to you and verifying the price of assigned products or taking pictures of it. Just download the app on your device and start earning cash that could be sent you via Paypal or Dwolla. Lots of major business and even small companies use this app like Johnson & Johnson, Walgreens and General Electric.

Members from US, Canada, Europe, and Australia and fully accepted to use this app. Visit them at http://app.fieldagent.net/ to download and become a member.

For me, this is just the app to catch fun with. It entails sharing photos of your consumer activity. All you need to do is download the app on your device (iOS or Android), set up your profile and wait for your tasks which could be stuff like taking pictures of the book you are reading, the dinner you are having or even the shoes you are wearing.

You can also submit a review of the products you take pictures of and earn five credits. The more your photos, the more points you receive.

You start withdrawing your earnings via Paypal when you have up to 200 points in your account

There are 3 levels of membership in Iconzoomer which are Bronze, silver and Gold. You start as a Bronze member when you are newly registered, then you slowly climb to Silver level when you must completed about 26 tasks. Finally, you become a gold member as you complete up to 51 tasks.


Online Money earning apps is just one of the ways you can keep yourself busy in your leisure time and still earn for giving out few minutes of your time providing useful information. The mentioned apps are some of the good apps you are free to check up on if you have the desire to make more money using highest paying apps.